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There is a place in this world for people who bring the rolls.

I’m not sure at what specific point in time I was deemed a Culinary Liability.  It could have been years ago, when I neglected to put cake mix in the mixing bowl and wondered why the batter was so runny.  … Continue reading

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This was written back when people used pay phones. And calls cost .10 cents.

November rots. Rots like the jack-o-lantern decomposing on my porch. Or as my 7-year-old daughter would say, it sucks eggs. I know I’m *supposed* to be all grateful and thankful for each and every particle of air I inhale like … Continue reading

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I really said “The fact that I was doing the dishes was a freak accident.”

In my last blog post, I told a story of doing the dishes and getting so caught up in the act that I spaced time and place and my daughter missed her dance class. It appears that in the same … Continue reading

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It is just as likely that a Unicorn will walk up and slap me in the face as it is that I will find this thing you call Balance.

Balance just doesn’t exist for me.  Laine Griffin and I just did a podcast about this very topic at   I’m a single mom in the truest form, I am literally the only parent my daughter Eva has in her … Continue reading

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Celebrity Death Match – K-Dash vs. Ann Coulter

Remember Celebrity Death Match?  I wanna say it was on MTV.  A “clay-animated series featuring no-holds barred fantasy fights between famous and infamous from the worlds of film, tv, music and politics when they tear each other limb from limb.”  … Continue reading

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Say My Name!

I fall on the end of the spectrum of perfectionism that is called “utter paralysis.”  In the quest to do something (anything/everything) perfectly, I usually end up not doing it all.  So choosing a name for my blog felt like … Continue reading

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