Say My Name!

I fall on the end of the spectrum of perfectionism that is called “utter paralysis.”  In the quest to do something (anything/everything) perfectly, I usually end up not doing it all.  So choosing a name for my blog felt like something akin to feeling a need to organize a closet and going to Bed, Bath and Beyond, or visiting  Then, when faced with all of the gazillions of choices, systems and gadgets just sort of spacing out and getting stuck on stupid. (You know how they say “figure out what you need for organizing and THEN buy it, don’t buy it and then try to organize….I have a room in my house which is literally filled to the brim with bins and bags in an amazing assortment of sizes, colors and functions.  Not organized, just thrown in there.  The rest of the rooms that the assorted organizational foofara was supposed to organize, sit un-organized.  But let me tell you, when I get the itch to actually organize, I have all the tools I’ll need! If I can get to them!  (Incidentally, the show Hoarders scares the crap out of me).

So after the brain-cramping uselessness that was me trying to find a name that encompassed everything I wanted to say about my blog but at the same time would be catchy, fun, funky, different, stand out, blah blah blah, I went to where every right-minded individual goes and hit up Google.  I’ll be damned if there aren’t blog name generator programs out there! Hurray! I was just gonna click a button and a cool name would manifest itself.  Here’s a few of what I was given, and my commentary:

Grooveway : Sounds too much like a disco supermarket.

X-Job: Blog is not about my ex, my career as a stripper or escort, or as a CIA agent, all of which come to mind here.

Kayplus: No, I won’t be talking about my dress size.

E-Strip: Again with the xxx rated-ness.

Good lax: Raise your hand if your brain immediately went to Ex-Lax. 

Bugger Journal: Too much information.

Frisky Mission: Also too much information.


Empty Blathering: Not really the essence of what I’m trying to convey.

 I gave up at Chubby Images, but compulsively clicked again and when I got Empty Blathering, knew it was time to quit. I felt like The Perfect Name would just “come to me.”  And it did of course, while I was at the OBGYN with my feet up in the stirrups, my butt hanging off the end of the table and the nurse practitioner feeling up my boobs, rounding second base.  She asked “Do you see any difference in your breasts?”  I replied “Well, they’re saggier.  I gotta either BUY a push up or DO a push up!”  She laughed, and a name was born. 

Here’s why the Push Up name is perfect.  I can use that sultry, a lot-left-to-the-imagination-and-interpretation picture at the top of the blog which I love.  It’s not me, but let’s pretend I look like that and typically hang out with jewelry draped provocatively around my fingers.  The real reason it’s perfect is that I find that many times in my life, I am facing down the barrel of issues/situations/conundrums that can either be fixed on the surface by simply putting something pretty on it and calling it perky (a la the Push Up Bra), or by going deeper to get to the heart of the issue and fixing it (DOING a push up).  

Sometimes I’m drooling over the Victoria’s Secret Angels and their Push-Ups, sometimes I’m drooling on the floor of my gym from *doing* pushups.  Much can be learned and laughed about from both perspectives. 

In sexy, sweaty solidarity,


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One Response to Say My Name!

  1. lynnhoughtling says:

    Thank you Kate!! As usual you have brought a smile to my face and a laugh from my toes!!! Keep it up! XOXOXO

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