Celebrity Death Match – K-Dash vs. Ann Coulter

Remember Celebrity Death Match?  I wanna say it was on MTV.  A “clay-animated series featuring no-holds barred fantasy fights between famous and infamous from the worlds of film, tv, music and politics when they tear each other limb from limb.” 

Sometimes? I like to make my own matches in my head from people in my life or people in current events.  Yesterday I was home sick, and spent some time ruminating on a Death Match between Kim Kardashian and Ann Coulter.  Wouldn’t that be SPECTACULAR?! I pick K-Dash for the ridiculousness that was her farce of a ten million dollar wedding that lasted *almost* as long as my most recent sinus infection.  And Ann Coulter for recently going all my-toys-are-better-than-your-toys when she stated, “Our blacks are so much better than your blacks” in regard to her beloved conservative republicans versus liberal democrats. 

Oh, Ann.  It’s not really nice to use possessive terms to indicate ownership in relation to a group of people who….oh I dunno…..have been OWNED before.  I wish you gave a rats ass but know you don’t, and I know you think there is nothing wrong with what you said, because you’ve since defended your statements.  I shudder.

The only other observation I have from my sick day home, watching quite a bit of daytime tv, is this:

I really hope I was hallucinating when I heard “Feather Hair Extensions – The Latest Hair Craze Sweeping the Nation!”  Someone please send some to Ann.  She deserves them.

In sexy, sweaty solidarity,


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2 Responses to Celebrity Death Match – K-Dash vs. Ann Coulter

  1. Masked Mom says:

    I, too, was home sick yesterday. And I would have greatly preferred to have watched the Coulter/Kardashian Death Match to the options actually available on daytime TV. I did, however, find some small measure of amusement in hearing Sherri Shephard musing on The View about whether Kim’s fantastically farcical marriage was going to hurt her credibility (kredibility?). The only way she had any credibility at all was if she got it as a wedding present and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on the gift registry.

    As for Ann Coulter, I find her existence frightening and her success (as defined by her gross (in more than one sense) income) borderline offensive. Who ARE the people who think she has something of value to say? Whoever they are, there are way too many of them for my comfort.

    Thanks for a great post!

  2. This won’t surprise you, but I’m growing out my hair so I can wear heather hair extensions.

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