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Don’t Read This if You Get Bent Out of Shape Easily, Take Your Elf on a Shelf Seriously, Or Respect Me

Thanks to Kim over at for providing a forum for more fun than I could shake a stick at and for making Johnny’s woes that much more funny.  If you haven’t shamed an elf yet, you ain’t livin’! One Elf’s … Continue reading

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Baby, Baby Not

For a variety of reasons, I perpetually look like I’m about 7 months pregnant. Even at my most svelte, I have a belly.  When I actually *was* pregnant, I continued to work out and was in good shape.  Despite gaining … Continue reading

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Pleasant Woman, Interesting Problem.

I’ve been in a Four-Alarm Funk since this happened.  Agony does not bring out the best in me.  I am lucky my family hasn’t put me by the side of the road with a “Free To ANY Home” sign stuck … Continue reading

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Will Run For M&Ms.

The women in my family sport varying degrees of athleticism.  Some of us have been on sports teams from the moment we were allowed to be, some of us abhor effort and sweat.  Regardless of our levels of inclination and … Continue reading

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I hurt myself on Friday.  I was a year-round, 3 sport a year athlete as a youngster and have worked out fairly regularly all of my adulthood.  Amazingly this is my first sports-related injury ever, aside from those blows that … Continue reading

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Size DOES Matter, Especially When You’re Trapped Under It.

Over the weekend, Chris and Eva and I were at a stop light at an intersection across from a Behemoth of a Vehicular Monstrosity (BVM) with a Christmas tree bungeed to the top.  All appeared normal at that angle, and … Continue reading

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There is a place in this world for people who bring the rolls.

I’m not sure at what specific point in time I was deemed a Culinary Liability.  It could have been years ago, when I neglected to put cake mix in the mixing bowl and wondered why the batter was so runny.  … Continue reading

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